Firstly “Manipogo: is named after a mythical creature “Opopo”. “Ogopogo” or “Manipogo” may well be a living dinosaur left alive and flourishing in Lake Manitoba.

What is Manipogo reported appearance. Manipogo is said , like many of the other sea ( or lake ) dragons, to have a horse like head and a log-like appearance when resting on the water’s surface. Indeed Manipogo has been best described as a dragon or “Chinese Serpent” with a head resembling that of a equine horse.

With modern transport to the Lake Manitoba region and outsiders visiting the Lake area it did not take long for reports of this Serpent like Manipogo creature to emerge. The locals it seems had longstanding legends of Manipogo so there was no need to make any reports. Manipogo or Manipogo to them were a standard resident of Lake Manitoba- no different than the Walleye, Bass or Mallard ducks and waterfowl that frequent and live in Lake Manitoba or its environs.

In 1957 two visitors reported that they saw a “Giant” Serpent Like Creature in the lake.

Next two fisherman Richard Vincent and a Mr.Konefell saw a large creature in 1962 , that looked similar to the serpent or a giant snake 70 yards from their boat. The two avid Walleye fisherman were even able to snap a photograph of Manipogo . The photograph shows a serpentine like creature.

This was similar to a report done late in 1948 were it was reported that a creature rose six feet out of the Lake Manitoba water and gave a “prehistoric type of dinosaur cry”.

The most reliable reports were from the era of the 1960’s . Twice two groups of people saw what they described as a “Very Large Reptile” . The first time it was a group of twenty people on a Lake Manitoba beach near the Lake Manitoba Narrows area. The second time at that same vantage point , several weeks later, a group of 17 very reputable individuals made the same report of the “Large Reptile Creature” arising from the Lake Manitoba Beach near the narrows region.

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